Welcome to Mathieson Consulting Ltd

We are a small team of highly qualified professionals and experts who take great pride in making the area of pensions as stress free as possible for our instructing solicitors.

We know that being able to produce an Expert Witness Report in a timely manner is of paramount importance to our instructing solicitors and we make this one of our primary objectives.

It may be necessary for solicitors to consider instructing an Expert Witness in many areas of work:

  • Pensions and Divorce
  • Loss of Pension Rights in Tribunal / Unfair Dismissal claims
  • Inheritance Act claims
  • Valuation of Trusts
  • Professional Negligence work

Whilst Pensions and Divorce remains our largest area of work, we have the skills and experience to deal with all of the above, and do so regularly.

Over the past 10 years, George has brought together within Mathieson Consulting a group of professionals with the range of skills necessary to deliver Expert Witness services that can be relied upon by the legal fraternity at all stages of the settlement process.

The team of Expert Witnesses works very closely together to maintain the integrity of the Expert Witness work undertaken by the Company. The team consists of professionals not only with exceptional mathematical agility, but also a depth of pensions knowledge and the ability to put the two together in a way that ensures MCL’s reports can be understood and therefore used with confidence in settlement negotiations.

The Expert Witness Team is supported by an exceptional administration team which has again worked together for a number of years solely in this area of pensions and divorce. The administration team is made up of experienced individuals from both public sector and private sector pensions administration background. They take great pride in not only managing the data collation process which ultimately helps MCL deliver reports as quickly as possible but also in developing their own knowledge of pensions which helps them respond positively and knowledgably to queries raised by lawyers during the process.

George Mathieson is known by many in the legal profession for his ability to ‘think outside the box’ but to do so in a highly professional way. His approach has been developed over many years of working alongside the legal profession and has influenced all aspects of MCL. MCL has provided Expert Witness Services to over two thousand family lawyers from family practices based over the entire UK.

The team of George Mathieson, Catherine Anderson, Jonathan Galbraith, Christopher Goodwin and Kate Routledge has in excess of 40 years’ of expertise in this field and there are very few scenarios we have not seen or advised upon when it comes to pensions. We are professional in all aspects of our work and above all we care about the service we provide to our instructing solicitors.