2018 and Pensions and Divorce


divorce and pensions

2018 will be the year when we confirm our position as the leading provider of Expert Witness Reports for pensions.

Not just in Divorce Proceedings, but as a serious player in the Pensions and Actuarial consultancy field. Myself and the team here at Mathieson Consulting Ltd look forward to working with you in 2018, and wish you all a very happy and prosperous year (never sure when protocol dictates if it is too late to say this!).

So what will 2018 bring?

More Recruiting at Mathieson Consulting

Mathieson Consulting will continue to treat Pensions and Divorce as its key area of business. To that end we will continue to recruit, and hope to have in place four further members of staff by the start of Q4 2018. Two more report writers / actuaries, and two more administrative staff. (Please send CV if interested).

Improved Delivery Time

In conjunction with taking on more staff, we are in the process of improving our systems so that despite increased demand for our service (we have already had 25 new instructions in the first half of January), our delivery time will be improved. However, our emphasis has always been and will continue to be actuarial expertise in Clear English.  One of the advantages of having a number of experts all working in the same office, is that all reports can be peer reviewed pre-issue with minimal delay. If the author of that particular report is out of the office on a day when it needs to be discussed with Solicitors / Clients / Barristers, another expert will be available to do so – and probably the one who peer reviewed it.

Continuing to Provide a Vital Service

The instructions we will receive throughout 2018 will continue to reinforce our view, a view shared by the majority of others on the Pensions Advisory Group, that there is absolutely no substitute for experience in this field. Pensions and Divorce may seem fairly innocuous, but without engaging experts there are many (usually hidden) obstacles which will continue to trip up solicitors and their clients.

Video Content

I have already recorded the first two of a number of videos we intend to make. These are for solicitors to make available to their clients, free of charge, explaining why, in clear English, it may be necessary to instruct a pensions expert such as ourselves. These videos are being edited as we speak, with graphics to visualise the fundamental points, and apparently a lot of photoshopping of me is required! I hope these will be available in February, with more to follow later. The videos will be available via a solicitor login area on our website which can be accessed with just an email address. Once signed up, every new video and/or article will be added to your dashboard. This allows you, the solicitor access to all videos in one single place. Alternatively, solicitors will be able to directly download videos to their computers.

Solicitors can register for access NOW by filling in this simple opt-in form.

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Meeting of Pensions Advisory Group

The Pensions Advisory Group (comprising Judiciary, Barristers, Solicitors, Academics, and Experts in the field of pensions and divorce) will be reporting later this year to discuss the ways of improving the treatment of pensions in divorce cases, hopefully leading to greater consistency of approach.

Other Areas of Business

We will continue to explore and develop other areas of business where our combination of pensions’ expertise, actuarial skills, knowledge of the Court system and requirements of Expert Witnesses will be harnessed.

Training and Support

I will continue to get out and about. Already I have 8 speaking engagements in the diary – Any more takers?

2017 In Review

2017 was a fantastic year for Mathieson Consulting Ltd. A massive thank you to everyone who supported us.

In 2017:

For actuarial expertise, or any of the training and support services mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Mathieson Consulting.


George Mathieson


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