How has the Covid crisis affected pensions on divorce?

Mathew Richardson hosts the Class Legal webinar on pensions, joined by George Mathieson and Rhys Taylor, Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator at 36 Family.

The 1-hour discussion is an informative look at how the Covid crisis has affected pension on divorce.



Covered in the webinar:

  • What are the three things which are affecting pension valuations at the moment and how do these affect Defined Contributions pensions and Private Defined Benefit pensions?
  • Can I get a pension CE or updated CE at the moment?
  • If you cannot get an updated pension CE, is it OK for the Pension on Divorce expert (PODE) to make an estimate?
  • Can I reply on my report from 2 months ago?
  • Is there any point in sending a letter of instruction to a PODE with pension CEVs that were obtained 4 months ago?
  • Disclaimers, do I need to use one?
  • Do you think the way family finance cases are dealt with in the future will change in the future due to the Covid 19 lockdown?
  • Will there be more ENE, ADR, remote hearings etc?
  • I can’t reach an agreement with solicitors for H that a PODE should be appointed/settle the LOI/ can I use Arbitration for that issue?
  • I have a consent order with Pension Sharing Order signed by the parties and we have been told that the DN won’t be pronounced until the courts re-open.
  • The sealed order is lost in the system – what are the implications of this?
  • Is there anything the applicant can do to protect themselves pending implementation?
  • Will my pension sharing order still be implemented?
  • Pension Sharing (Implementation and discharge of liability) Regulations 2000
  • Defined benefit private sector scheme


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