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The difference between a CEV and an OMV

April 2021
In one of our previous blogs we looked at what a Cash Equivalent Value (CEV) is and how a CEV is calculated. However, any readers who are familiar with our pensions on divorce reports may also have seen references to Open Market Values (OMVs) in our reports.

Everything a family lawyer needs to know about McCloud and Public sector pensions – at least for the time being!

March 2021

George Mathieson and Jonathan Galbraith join Rhys Taylor in a discussion on McCloud and Public sector pensions.

The links below will give you access to the full webinar and the slides presented.


Watch the video Download/View the presentation slides


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Allowing for ill health in pensions divorce matters

March 2021
This blog looks into the issues of ill-health in pension divorce matters, and how an expert witness might proceed.

Dealing with UURBS arrangements

February 2021
I have recently been instructed as a single joint expert on a number of divorce cases that involve one party having a pension promise from an Unfunded Unapproved Retirement Benefits Scheme (UURBS).

What is a CEV and how is it calculated?

February 2021
As CEVs reached record highs earlier this year, our latest blog covers CEV and what it means to pensions and divorces.

Death benefits

January 2021
This blog in intended to give you a “whistle-stop tour” of the issues around death benefits.

What is the impact of Covid-19 on various asset classes & how will this affect family lawyers and their clients?

May 2020

Our very own George Mathieson hosts the latest webinar in the Class Legal series, joined by Guy Foster, Head of Research at Brewin Dolphin, alongside Family Solicitor, Mena Ruparel.


  1. Introduction to the subject and guests by George Mathieson
  2. Market insight from Guy Foster
  3. Questions with Mena Ruparel
  4. Audience Q&A


Thanks for watching.


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How has the Covid crisis affected pensions on divorce?

May 2020

Mathew Richardson hosts the Class Legal webinar on pensions, joined by George Mathieson and Rhys Taylor, Barrister, Arbitrator, Mediator at 36 Family.

The 1-hour discussion is an informative look at how the Covid crisis has affected pension on divorce.



Covered in the webinar:
  • What are the three things which are affecting pension valuations at the moment and how do these affect Defined Contributions pensions and Private Defined Benefit pensions?

House view on impact of Covid19 on divorce settlements involving pensions.

April 2020

There seems to be much discussion on social media about the implications of the current economic conditions on pension funds, and how this may impact financial settlement in divorce cases.

There are so many unknowns at the moment. For example, we do not think anyone has a clear idea as to what the long-term economic impact of government market interventions worldwide will have. We certainly live in interesting and worrying times.

However, we hope the following may help lawyers decide how to proceed with cases involving pensions,

Pensions and Divorce. An Expert or a Negligence claim?

March 2020
Over the weekend, Rhys Taylor (highly respected Family Barrister with incredible knowledge of pensions and divorce) opined on twitter (@RhysTaylor32), that “Am really hoping that Buehrlen v Buehrlen (employment consultant not necessary in financial remedy proceedings) will not be transposed as reason to not to allow Pension SJEs”