Pensions & Divorce Loss of Pension Rights Life Interests & Trusts

George Mathieson was recently engaged in a leading research project in the field of pensions and divorce. In the research one of the District Judge’s commented,

You get actuaries who produce reports that are so detailed and technical that you don’t understand a word of them, and if we don’t understand a word the client hasn’t got a hope in hell, or on the other end of the spectrum people who take a simplistic approach, and perhaps don’t pick up on some of the nuances. It’s trying to find experts who can sit very happily between the two.

We are the firm who sit very happily between the two.

We pride ourselves in providing actuarial expertise in clear English.

We strive to provide technically proficient reports which are easy to understand. The fields in which we predominately operate are:

  • Pensions and divorce.
  • Loss of pension rights in employment disputes.
  • Valuations of interests in trusts.
  • Inheritance Act claims.
  • Pensions negligence work.

Sometimes “doing the Sums” is the easy part. It is appraising the position, and how best to achieve the aims which is the difficult part. This requires a wealth of experience in these fields, and few firms can match Mathieson Consulting for such experience.

In 2014, this firm has written over 300 Expert Witness Reports.