The history

Mathieson Consulting was founded by George Mathieson in 2007 and started out primarily focussed on providing expert witness reports for solicitors in relation to pension matters upon divorce. Back in them thar days, George ran the business from the spare bedroom in the family home, but it has grown somewhat in the years since!

In 2010 the business finally got a home of its own in Newhall Street, central Birmingham. It expanded to take on a dedicated pensions administration team, and workloads increased leading to the recruitment of other report writers to work alongside George.

Since 2013, the office has been based in Edgbaston, a pleasant suburb of Birmingham best known for the cricket ground—a passion of George’s, but not the main driver of the office’s location! Further demand led to the current office on Frederick Road being opened in 2015. In this time, the business has diversified to provide advice on other pensions matters where there is a legal process, including loss of pension rights on injury or unfair dismissal, and we have also been involved in supporting solicitors against negligence claims made. However, the bulk of Mathieson Consulting’s business still relates to pensions upon divorce.

2019 saw Mathieson Consulting become a subsidiary of Brewin Dolphin, which has supported the business as it has continued to grow. Fresh investment in IT systems then followed, allowing the business to keep on top of ever-growing demands from clients.

In early 2020, the business secured a second home near Wetherby, North Yorkshire, and in turn this has driven further recruitment outside the existing West Midlands base. Headcount by this point had more than doubled from the position just three years earlier in 2017, and it now includes 5 actuaries.

Spring 2020 brought with it the same challenges as faced by the rest of the country, with all Mathieson Consulting staff moving to working from home at very short notice in late March. However, George and the team saw this as an opportunity, rather than an encumbrance, and further improvements in systems have followed which allows work to be carried out anywhere—whether in the offices or at home. This stands the business in good stead for when better times lie ahead.

Other changes in working practices brought on by 2020 have allowed the business to reduce its printing requirements from around 45,000 sheets per quarter (yes, really!) to almost nil. Further, in embracing online technology, Mathieson Consulting has been able to deliver an unprecedented number of webinars to firms of solicitors and other interested parties.

In addition, as the Courts started to embrace e-bundles, Mathieson Consulting changed its reports into a style more suited to this brave new world.

As of 2021, Mathieson Consulting will continue to do what it is renowned for: producing high-quality expert witness reports in a form that can be understood by the reader and responding to the demands of the lawyers which instructs the firm. But this is not the end of the story. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it perhaps is the end of the beginning of the story.

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